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Watkinsville, GA: Home of the historic Eagle Tavern.  Watkinsville was once the seat of the Clarke county government, until Athens took over the role in 1872.  The folks of Watkinsville were not real happy about that, so they founded Oconee County, and made Watkinsville the seat of government.  Watkinsville is a peaceful, low crime town that has a Mayberry feel to it. 

Hollis Air and Electrical is a local business of Oconee County, and we have many heating, air conditioning, and electrical clients in this area.  Every city has their own way of doing things when it comes to local codes, and we are familiar with how Watkinsville wants it done.  When you need an electrician, or need repairs or replacement of your heating and air conditioning systems, why not just give your neighbor a call at 678-726-3014, or you can reach us through our contact us page.

  • Preventative maintenance plans for your electrical and/or conditioned air systems.
  • Residential and Commercial Electrical service and repairs.
  • Residential and Commercial Heating and Air conditioning repairs.
  • New heating and air conditioning system installations and replacements.
  • Ceiling fan installation and replacement.
  • Lighting Installation.
  • LED lighting upgrades.
  • Bulb and ballast replacement.
  • New structure wiring.

Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical in Watkinsville Georgia

  • Outdoor security lighting.
  • Switches and receptacles, new or replacement.
  • Circuit breaker installation and replacement.
  • Heating, air conditioning, and electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Electrical panel replacement.
  • Wi-Fi thermostat installations.
  • Home inspection repairs for electrical, heating, and air conditioning.
  • And much more.  Call today for an appointment.

Here is a list of the Electrical, Heating, and Air Conditioning services we offer the Watkinsville, Georgia Area:

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