ComfortCare Plan

What is a maintenance plan, and why should I want one?

A maintenance plan from Hollis Air and Electrical is a program where you receive regular maintenance on your critical HVAC and Electrical systems in your home or place of business.  By performing routine maintenance on these systems, you have much more control over down times.  Oftentimes, during a routine maintenance visit, the service technician can identify those components in your systems that are likely to fail and you can take proactive measures to get ahead of upcoming problems.  Another benefit of routine maintenance is increased lifespan of equipment and efficiency of your systems, which can save you some money on your energy bills!  Other benefits of being a maintenance plan subscriber include priority scheduling and discounted repair rates.

Maintenance Plans

Choose From Our ComfortCare, PowerCare, or CompleteCare Programs!.


During the peak heating and cooling seasons, most HVAC companies are overloaded with trouble calls.  Many techs work well into the night to try to get to as many clients as possible.  But there are only so many techs to go around, and this means that some clients will have to wait until an opening comes up.  As a maintenance plan subscriber, you will receive priority scheduling over any non-maintenance plan client.  This could mean the difference in having your system repaired quickly, or having to wait several days! 

With our CompleteCare Plan, you are covered with your heating, cooling, AND electrical systems maintenance!  Bundle and $AVE!

  • Basic plan starts at $25.00/month*!
  • For additional heating and cooling systems, add just $10.00/month*
  • For additional electrical panels, add just $5.50/month
PowerCare Plan


Another benefit to being a maintenance plan subscriber is that you will receive discounts on labor for any repairs that you require while you have an active subscription.  This discount also extends to any new equipment installs that you may require, up to and including full system change outs, new electrical panels, and more.

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CompleteCare Plan

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*These are residential prices only.  Commercial rates will vary.  Contact us for additional information at 678-726-3014 or by email at

Our ComfortCare plan covers your heating and cooling system maintenance.

  • First system is only $15.00/month*
  • For additional systems, add just $10.00/month*

Maintenance Price Plans

Our PowerCare plan covers your electrical system maintenance.

  • Main electrical system is only $15.00/month*
  • For additional electrical panels, add just $5.50/month*

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