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When To Replace Your Heating System

We're not the type of company that is going to push you to purchase something that you don't need.  However, sometimes it is important to replace the air handler depending on several factors.  One major concern is a cracked heat exchanger.  If you have a gas unit and the heat exchanger has a crack or hole in it, there is a possibility that you may be getting carbon monoxide into your air stream.  Other factors that go into replacing a system include age of the system and efficiency.  If a system replacement is right for your, Hollis Air and Electrical can present you with several options to suit your wants and needs.

Many of the same problems that plague your cooling system can also cause you to have heating issues.  If you have a heat pump, basically anything that can break on your air conditioner can also break on your heating system.  If it's a gas system, it could be a gas supply problem, a gas valve problem, bad inducer motor, problems with the ignition system, etc.  Hollis Air and Electrical will diagnose your problems and get you back toasty warm in no time!

Why Won't It Work?

Those harsh Georgia winters.....yea I know.  We don't really get much in the way of a winter here.  But If you didn't have heating, the inside of your house or place of business might be a cozy 50 degrees.  So while we may not get many hard freezes, it does stay cold enough to require heating.  Typically the systems we find here in Georgia are of the heat pump variety, but you may be surprised at how many homes use gas for heating, either natural or LP.  And some heating systems are of the dual fuel variety.  There are even some systems that are straight electric heat strips.  Talk about a high power bill!  Regardless of the type of system you may have, Hollis Air and Electrical can service and repair the system for you.