Hollis Air and Electrical


Here are just a few of the electrical services we offer:

Hollis Air and Electrical is unique in that we are one of the few companies that are licensed in both conditioned air and electrical contracting.  The two trades complement each other quite well, because sometimes an electrical panel is not of sufficient size to accommodate a new HVAC system.  When this happens, oftentimes the HVAC contractor has to call in an electrical contractor to upgrade the electrical panel.  But with Hollis Air and Electrical, we can handle the task in house.

There are many aspects to the electrical trade.  In fact, there are too many different topics to cover here.  But we are a full service electrical contractor, which means that what ever you electrical needs may be, we can help.  From residential service and remodel to commercial service and renovation,  we've got it covered!

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  • Install and replace light fixtures
  • Repair fluorescent lights
  • Install or replace ceiling fans
  • Install or replace switches and receptacles
  • Grounding upgrades and surge protection
  • Troubleshoot and repair faulty circuits
  • Rewire of residential/commercial buildings
  • Upgrade electrical panels and services
  • Install new dedicated circuits for appliances or new equipment
  • Install complete conduit systems
  • Install, repair, or replace exterior lighting
  • And much more...