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There are many components associated with your air conditioning system.  If your cooling is no longer working, you may have an incorrect refrigerant charge, a bad compressor, a bad condenser motor, a bad blower motor, a bad capacitor, poor electrical connection, a bad thermostat......I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  But not to worry, because Hollis Air and Electrical can diagnose your problem quickly and get you back up and running. 

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Do you need a new system?

Sometimes it makes more sense to just replace your old equipment rather than sinking more money into something that isn't going to last much longer anyway.  Hollis Air and Electrical isn't going to try to push a new system on you, but we will give you options if a new system makes sense for you.  If your system is over 10 years old, a new system may be the right choice.  Newer systems are much more efficient than they were even 10 years ago, and you may save quite a bit on your power bill!

Why won't it work?

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Here in the hot, humid climate of Georgia your air conditioning system is more than just a luxury.  In fact, for some people such as infants and the elderly, the Georgia heat can be a hazard to life and health!  Aside from the cooling effect that your air conditioner provides,  the cooling component of your HVAC system has other uses.  The high humidity we experience must be kept under control in your conditioned spaces or you may start to develop mold inside your home or place of business.  Humidity control is another function of your air conditioner.  In fact,  your system can generate several gallons of water per hour!  This water comes directly from the air inside your house along with some air that infiltrates into your home from outdoors.